fredag 11 april 2008


Foto: dem Postman

I morse fick vi ett brev från Christopher Daniel Richard Hubertus Ellis:


It started out being cold, Dylan and Scott had been climbing with arctic conditions the week before we arrived and I guess Wulfman and I caught the last of it. Apparently Scott had cleaned up most of the forest's gems with just a handful of hardies left, but alas, his stay ended and he was forced to retire and homeward bound. Dylan "the swedish meatball" claimed fame to a number of relatively hard good looking lines, unfortunately we have no names.

Don't call me Nigger, Whitey! Dyl på en 8a i Techos. Foto: dem Postman

Worth mentioning was an impressive quick ascent of a desperate 8A in Sector Arrastradero and in Sector Techos two 7C+'s saw dylan atop their burly mantles with his tongue between his fingers. Scott, Wulfman and myself managed one of the 7C+'s which Dylan did, a fantastic sloper fight and blood bath for the forearms, 14 moves in length it rejected all quick ascents apart from Mooneys. Wulf impressed his two nervous spotters with a 7C nightmare mantle. After having slammed my face due to a spotting gone wrong incident (MadRock imprint still visible) his triceps were out and yet another mantle was crushed! Albarracin is a great alternative to fontainebleau, it's situated in beautiful forest surroundings and the climbing is brilliant. Unfortunately several sectors are closed between January and August due to birds nesting , the best time to visit would be in November..."

Tack Wulfen och för bilderna!

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