torsdag 23 oktober 2008

Mera Organic

Vi följde upp några av frågeställningarna som Organic gav upphov till i det senaste inlägget. Josh på Organic berättar:

The ORGANIC name refers to the fact that our pads are all "organic" in that they are one of a kind and spontaneous, no two are the same. We recycle all our our cutting scraps that would traditionally go into a landfill at most sewing facilities into the color full, artistic one of a kind tops on all of our pads and products. When a customer requests a red and yellow pad we pull out of our scrap boxes scraps of that color in various shapes and sizes and thus the design is Spontaneous and organic.

We only use the highest quality Ballistic nylon on our pad shells so they last many years of abuse. The foam we use is created by using Soy by products. These byproducts are not used for food purposes but rather to make environmentally safe chemicals for plastics. We are proud to use this in our crash pads as it is a very high quality foam that will last many years and it saves the world many barrels of oil that would be converted to bad petro chemicals to produce non soy foam.

We have looked into canvas and other products for pad shells but have found that so far ballistic nylon is far better for long term strength and although it is a nylon in my opinion it is better to have a product that uses a bit of nylon that will last a very long time than a canvas that would only last a short time and then get thrown out into a landfill. Reuse and sustainability are key.

For our Closed cell foam we don't use a foam product at all. Closed cell foams tent to release high levels of PVC during production and they continue to release them through their lifespan. We use a NON PVC rubber type of product that is engineered to withstand years of abuse without breaking down. We feel that these 2 unique foams alone set ORGANIC pads as a high bar for quality but are also proud that we hand sew all of our pads in our small workshop IN THE USA paying fair prices to our valuable employees.

Most other brands of pads are build in questionable labor conditions in Asia and other areas of the world at the cheapest possible price. We have decided that to ensure our quality and customer satisfaction that we sew all the pads to the customers requested colors and in the case of distributors that we ship an order of unique pads to suite every ones style from Bright colors to subdued earth tones.

I run organic out of a small workshop in my backyard. We run our shop off of Wind power (Wyoming is very windy : ) and our water and gardens are all from a Solar water pump. We are very conscious of our environmental footprint and feel that this is very important for businesses to focus on.

We build the highest quality pads period. I am a very devoted boulderer and I will not make or sell any product that is of low quality standards. I want my pads to last a very long time and not just for half a year and then get to soft to boulder on. And growing up in a family of artists I want my products to not only preform well but to suite the users one of a kind personality and style.

Lite långrandrigt men vi hoppas att ni har fått några svar på era frågor. Med en dalande krona är prisläget inte riktigt lika förmånligt. Ungefär så här kan kalkylen se ut för en Full Pad: - 185 usd + 72 usd frakt + 500 kr (eventuellt) i moms. Efter att ha hoppat lite på den i Schweiz måste jag säga att det är bra grejer. Hållbarheten får tiden utvisa. I dag kan man få en Dropzone för 1599 på Kiosken, en Boss Hog för 2295 på Highsport och en Mad Pad för 1795 på Addnature.

Om vi tolkat saker och ting rätt så är det i första hand tishor och kritpåsar som Walker och Stef tagit in.

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