måndag 8 december 2008

The shape of things to come...

What’s going on in the world of today! Why am I reading blogs instead of monthly issued climbing magazines more seldom?
Has the increasing blog traffic changed the way we choose to read news? And/or is it a new way of giving news that we actually want?

Looking back over the years, my only input channel were my friends whom always came back from climbing with the biggest smile on their lips as if they had lost their virginity once again. The first thought while congratulating them was; “damn bruh, tell me more. Even better, show me where you found this kick ass piece of rock.” I also wanted to smile like during the aftermath of a prom night.

Later we were presented with a wonderful tool called 8a.nu, where we could track our friends and see what they were up to; if they felt like being generous they left an inviting comment on their latest tick.

This just gave us an idea of what there was to be found. What about the personal experience? The only option available to reach that absolute feeling was to pack the gear in the nearest bag and head out.

Well, truth be told. Not everything has been that good as many friends have tried to hype it up to be. Making “next time send me some pictures” being the last words coming out of our mouths .

The need for visuals became more crucial since our taste seems to have aged like our taste for fine wine. That 2 € bottle that always got you and your date drunk, wouldn’t do anymore. We need to admit that we all are high maintenance. Especially when it comes to a small piece of rock hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Tah-da-dah! Blogs. An excellent source for information and miscellaneous gibberish. Like this one you have chosen to read. Thanks for wasting your time to do so. But I do have a point.

There is too much gibberish out there. This is one of the reasons to why we started TBS for example. One of many. Mainly to make that first input channel available to everyone close to us.

If we look at the united blog world of today, we have sites that do not only have large topo archives, but also have chosen to aggregate the available blogs on their site.

So what is there to expect in the future to come?

The development of the united climbing world hasn’t reached its limit. The only reason for why nothing has happened until now, is because we have been busy climbing!? Youtube and Vimeo are being used more and more. And we have all seen short films of our favorite climbers long before the footage has ended up on an expensive DVD.

There are several film archives available today, and the birth of the video site that aggregates trough Vimeo wasn’t that long ago.

For the moment being, it feels like the interactive climbing world is doing what all climbers do best.

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