fredag 5 december 2008

The art of cheating

Morning all from a bitterly cold Stockholm. I just looked out the window and saw a brass monkey frantically searching for something in my back garden. That's how cold it is.

Climbing is unique as one can be the best and also famous without presenting any proof of ones ethical good style in performances. We're not bothered by cheaters, the pillocks get caught next time ticking on the crag. Those poxy chumps use their spare time blatantly cheating. They go to a crag, preclip three biners and they enjoy the time of their lifes. Fucking cheaters! How can they possibly enjoy their time when they're obviously cheating? Un-fucking-credible!

Common ways to cheat:
1. Three biners preclipped
2. Claiming scorecard points for a mere variation of an existing problem. Shame on you mr Robinson!
3. Claiming scorecardpoints for a sds. Its just a variation.
4. Not having your belayer to brush of tick marks before trying to onsight a route. This habit is actually quiet common out there. O yeah, it's hard to believe but there are people doing anything to get cheap points. Sneaky sneaky bastards!
5. All of the above and actually enjoying your time.

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I think it's time we get a proper book of law for climbing ethics. This indifference will not stand... dude! And we need som good ol' punichments for those cheating bastards that enjoy themselfs out on the rock - shamelessly telling their friends that they have climbed a route - evn though it's obvius that the got help from a foot behind the rope. A good idea offcourse is to call thier real nam out loud: Cheaters!


Anonym sa...

i only compete with myself, so i could not care less about cheaters.

Anonym sa...

New shit has come to light! Apparently...


kjell borrdell sa...

annat va det på min tid, då smetades alla in i tjära o fjädrar! Fuskis eller inte, spelar ingen roll...

Carlos sa...

Jag tycker inte att fusk är så dåligt, bara man gör det med stil.

Det kanske är på sin plats att redaktionen kommer med tio budord om hur man bör fuska.